Cat ladies,stale hard candy and other musings.

Look at at map of the Gulf Islands in Britsh Columbia, Canada. You will see a pant’s load of islands and even more places to anchor in and around those islands. I’d guess at least seven to eight pant loads. That is a lot of choices. That is lot of pants, it’s actually more pants than I even own. So to say choosing a place to go is overwhelming is not an exaggeration.

We’ve been through here before, back in 2008. We didn’t really stop and check anything out that time. We were in a hurry to get further north to meet up with friends. And then on the way back south at the end our vacation we were running out of time so we sorta blazed through again. And truth be told, we had sorta planned to blast our way through on our way north this year as well. But as we were sitting at anchor in Bedwell Harbor after clearing customs. We realized we had a lot more time to spare this time around….alot more time. And could not come up with a good reason to be moving so quickly.

We sorta decided to stop in Montegue Harbor or possibly Ganges to check them out, but a chapter in one of our guide books made a really good argument for Wallace Island.

We anchored in Princess Bay on the northwest side of the island. Its a long, narrow bay and the guide books indicate that stern tying to shore is the way to go. After the business of making sure the boat will be where we parked her (aka, Anchoring) and lunch, and a nap. We took the dinghy to shore and went for a hike.

Near the top of the list of things that I really like, is randomly finding things purposely left by others. If they put a date and a name on it, even better. When we were living in Colorado and hiking all the time. I loved finding cairns on the top of peaks with an old coffee can buried in it. Inside the coffee can would be an old notebook or two, with names, dates, and a short note about who/what/where.

As we were hiking around the island today, we came across an old ass cabin. The outside of the cabin was absolutely covered with pieces of driftwood. Each piece of wood had a boat name on it. And names, home ports. And Dates!

As we were looking at all the names, I spotted a boat name I recognized. s/v Eagle, which belongs to friends of ours, Tom & Jeannie. They were here, according to the chunk of driftwood, in 2011. They are now in La Paz, Mexico. Which is where we will be later this year.

S/V Eagle

We thought it was just the outside of the cabin was covered with alot of driftwood, the inside was out of control. It looked that little old ladies house down the street from where you grew up. You know the one. The one that your mom would not let you eat anything she gave you to take home. Lot of cats, not all of them alive.


Anyway, as we were looking at all the names and places. We spotted another friends boat.

S/V Pearl

And a boat we don’t know, but somehow wish we did….or maybe not. Could go either way really.

Blame it on the cats.

We also spotted our arch nemesis’s boat…..BELLA STAR! Now we have a mission!

First we had to find the perfect piece of wood. Then write up a list of what we wanted our piece of wood to say. It had to be something deep. Something profound, something that would echo through the ages. Painstakingly plan out how we would write it. What font to use……..?

Actually, fuck all that. We sat on a log, drank a beer and carved something into the nearest piece of wood we found. Add some beach bling and tada….!

The fruit of our labors.

Take that back to the cabin and find the perfect spot to hang it.

Ahhhhh, perfect.

Just jokes Bella Star. :) This is the final spot.

Top billing of course.

A lot of you people reading this will never understand just how much the creative process can really drain a person. So after a long afternoon of searching/carving/writing, we car jacked the first (only) vehicle we found on the island and drove it back to the where we had the dinghy beached.

Hold mah Beer and watch this!

I don’t even feel bad about it.

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Week one, I feel fine!

The life of a World Explorer is not 24/7 excitement. But, it beats working. There is, as I’m finding out alot of down time (Yay). As a result of this down time I’ve been doing alot of thinking (not really). One of the fruits of all this thinking is a new word! Well, I hope it’s a new word. It’s new to me. The word is “GloBo”. It’s short for Global Hobo. Not sure if I like it or not yet. I’m not gonna commit and put it on my calling cards, but I may get a T-shirt made.

We’ve spent the last week hanging out in the San Juan Islands and we have been a little surprised at the number of boats that are up here. It is no where near as crowded as it would be in July or August, but again, not as vacant as we thought it would be.

Anchored out on Jones Island, San Juan Islands.

If your following our tracker you’ll know where we have been so far. And by “know where we are”, I mean EVERY god damn 10 minutes! An update every 10 minutes seems like a bit of over kill, but unless I have the tracker turned on and my phone turned on with GPS AND Bluetooth enabled, 10 minutes is the only choice I got. If I turn on all that I have more control, but that means I got to keep my phone on and charged up. So, I think we are just gonna stick with the 10 minute updates, at least over the summer. May just do an once or twice a day update later on when we do the bigger trips down the coast this fall. If you have not been following along and don’t know what I’m talking about, you should take a minute and check it out….go ahead: https//

Nothing insanely exciting has happened so far. Although we did see 30+ knots of wind while we were anchored out in Liberty Bay (Poulsbo) and as a result lost the cover to our auto pilot control panel.

Out of 8 days of moving about we’ve gotten approx. 3 days of sailing. Not full days, but something is better than nothing.

We have officially conquered six islands, in our quest to dominate s/v Bella Star.

Tawn bags a big one. Sucia Island.

On San Juan Island at Roche Harbor.


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Ancient traditions of Mariners.

There is an ancient tradition among seafarers that takes place after years of hard labor preparing their ships for extended voyages across oceans. They would gather on beaches or wharfs, build a fire and drink rum or beer, and burn their old work clothes they wore during many long hours getting their ship ready to leave.

When tossed on the fire the clothes would burst into colorful flames and burn with an incredible intensity. The sailors of old, being a bit superstition believed that the colors and intensity of the flames were the blood, sweat and tears of all the hard work they put into getting their ships ready. They also believed that the heat and smoke from the flames would reach the heavens and become the winds that would propel them across oceans.

***FUN FACT***
Since these men were tradesmen, that is where the term “trade-winds” came from.

The truth of the matter was their clothes would be covered in paint, tar, grease and many layers of grime, which aided in the colorful display when they caught fire……..

So a week before we are to take off on our trip, Me and Tawn took the dinghy out to a secret beach, built a fire and burned our old work clothes in keeping with this ancient tradtion.

Mah Pants!!!

Almost everything written above is complete and utter bullshit! :) We did go out and burn our Carharts.

Two years ago when our friends Dawn and Pea sailed away on their boat (Deep Playa) we went down to Golden Gardens, built a small fire and they burnt their old Carharts and a other “boat project” clothes. They tried to get me to do it, but since I was not leaving yet. I could not bring myself to part with my old hoodie or dirty Carharts, I still had work to do.

But that is no longer the case. Boat is ready, and so are we. And as the picture above shows, I am down to only one pair of Carharts.

So, here’s to starting new traditions.

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Sayulita, Mexico Trip 2010.

Holy CRAP! What an awesome trip. Really, that just about sums it up.

Last winter Tawn, our buddy Danno (D-Lo Baggins) and I flew down to Mexico to meet up with our friend Scot and Angie for a long weekend in a small town called Sayulita. It about 30 miles north from Puerto Vallarta. We had such a great time in the short three days we were there, we decided that we would come back again this year for a week or longer. I’m so glad we did.

This year, we rented the same “condo” we did last year. The crew this time (Left to right in the pic below) was Kristi, Phil, Danno, Me and Tawn:

You can find all the picture we took following this link.

We rented surfboards for the week. And spent the days getting up early and surfing for a couple hours:

Then siestas in the hammocks, haning on in the deck and enjoying the view:

Then more surfing. We also did alot of exploring, hiking, scuba diving, sailing, and a lot of drinking:

All in all, we had a great, great time. Time to start planning the next trip!

Oh and this is my favorite picture of Tawn:

She will probably hate it and make me take it down, so enjoy it while it last.

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