The Plan

We realize that to the untrained eye, there does not appear to be much of a plan. But trust us, there is one. It’s a rough draft, parts of it were lost years ago. But we do have an idea of what we plan to do over the next few years.

As of May the 4th (Star Wars day) 2013, we will both be unemployed. We (more than) willingly quit our jobs and will take off on our boat for points south.

At the time of me writing this, we plan to spend the summer of 2013 in Canada exploring the coast line of Vancouver Island. Then head south down the pacific coast of the U.S.. We will then spend a good part of 2014 exploring Mexico, Central and South America and eventually head out to the Galapagos, and the South Pacific.

With all that in mind. Some, none, or all of those things may or may not happen in the order laid out above. We could end up going just about anywhere. Which is the beautiful thing about it. We realize this scares the shit out of a lot of people, and conversely generates an insane amount of jealous rage in others (this is my favorite reaction). Either way, this has been out dream for years. We have been planning for it, dreaming/talking about it….

So….there we are, and here we go!

4 Responses to The Plan

  1. Jeff Webb says:

    Have a blast CB!

  2. Larry Sunderland says:

    Fantastic plan! As an old, grey haired, responsible sort of person, I approve 100%. Have great time!

  3. Beth and Tom says:

    Tom says the add (logo) is for Stihl Chain Saws and you have to airmail the beer so it arrives cold.
    I saved the June 13th posting until Fathers day and gave it to him as his Fathers Day gift from the two of you. He says he can’t think of a better Fathers Day Gift than this. He feels he is on the trip with you but he doesn’t have to do any work for it. Thanks so much guys – we luv you!!!!!!!!

  4. Bob Stander says:

    Did we have burritos? Absolutely fabulous! Best plan or lack of, I’ve come across yet. Wicked jealous!!
    Live It my Friend!

    P.S. nice boat!

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