Bat shit and bird nests.


We stopped here in El Salvador for a few weeks about 6 months ago.

We have done a lot of inland travel while we’ve been here (El Salvador, Guatamala, & Belize). Tawn has posted about a few of the trips in the last couple updates.

On one of our trips was to a little mountain/lake side town called Suchitoto.

We heard about a cool water fall outside of town. As we were driving around the jungle roads trying to find it, this little dude runs out and waves us down. Jumps in the car with us and guides us to his house on the side of the road.

That little guy was awesome. And could climb a tree like a freaking Mono. He guided us to the water falls about a half mile from his house.

Not much water falling, but the rock formations were cool as hell.

We had some mechanical issues that popped up (broken engine mounts). We fixed that and completed and a few other issues/projects while here.

I learned that allowing your surfboard to slam into your face multiple times is not as much fun as it sounds. It is how ever a good way to get six stitches in your lip and a broken nose. Bonus, I also got to experience the local El Salvadorian health care system up close and personal. Try to get that included in your fancy all-inclusive resort vacation.


We also learned that while there is a seat belt law for drivers in this country, this:
Is perfect legal!! That is a semi, and we were on a highway.

As much fun as we’ve had here, it is time to get moving. You know it’s time to go when you raise your mainsail and a bunch of bat turds, and an entire bird nest falls out!

We are itching to get going and the plan was to take off today (Oct. 8) at high tide. But after checking the weather last night and this morning, it just did not look good enough to take off. There is a bit of a blow brewing up to the south of us, right were we wanna go. So we wait.

Nice bit is, there is no real reason to go other than we sorta had some momentum built up. Two of our friends boats left. One yesterday (Morgan and Petra on Jalisco) and another the day before that (Darrin and Jodi on Gratituie). It was our turn today. But one of the rules we have when it comes making calls on the weather windows. If either one of us is not %100 on it, we don’t go.

So as we sat drinking coffee this morning going over the weather sites and GRIBs, we found we were trying to justify going or talking ourselves into it. Instead of just hanging out a few more days.

My spanish is not really that good, but even though the sign appears they don’t want us to enter, I think we are in the right zone.

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  1. Christina says:

    That’s a crjcrekaack answer to an interesting question

  2. Yair,Thank you so much, you did a wonderful job and you were very professional. We love the pictures!! It was a pleasure meeting you and having you as our photographer!Joanna and Imran

  3. That’s a quick-witted answer to a difficult question

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