Well this one was easy


As I was editing and uploading the video in that last post, I was also writing a blog post about some of the awesome food we have been catching and some of the not really so awesome food we had been foraging for. But then my friends on Hello World went and posted a post about the same topic.

Since their post was so awesomely written and they used almost the same pictures I was gonna use AND i’m really lazy. I deleted my post and will instead just link you to theirs. Hello World’s foraging blog Post

Psssstt..he Christy. Could you go ahead and write one about our adventures beating Bella Star at island conquering. If you could have it done in 3 or 4 days, that would be great……thanks.

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Sailing video!

If you love awesomely edited videos that are both funny and entertaining to watch, there are a crapload of them out there. Youtube is full of them.

Youtube is also full of videos like the one you are about to watch. Boring videos filmed and edited by people like me that think they know what they are doing.


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A few pictures of us rounding the Brook Peninsula

Each part of this trip around Vancouver island had it’s tricky parts that I worried about.

The first section was the Straight of Georgia, the second section were all the rapids and narrows of Johnstone straights. The the biggies, Cape Scott and Brooks pennisula. Those were the big daddys.

As it turned out, other than a crapload of very thick fog, and some rolly seas, Cape Scott was fairly easy. Nothing to sneeze at, but not as bad as I thought it would be.

Due to all the fog, we did not even see the Cape. It was completely covered.
A few days later, we were anchored in Klashkisk Inlet, preparing to round the Brooks Peninsula. This time, no fog. But there were some honking big waves and swell.

I think I posted about the rounding before, but thought I’d upload a few pictures of the rounding. Some of these were taken by Jason and Christy on Hello World and the others were taken by Kevin on Andante.

Enjoy….we did….sorta. ;)

I love this first picture. It was taken by s/v Hello World as we were leaving the anchorage and heading out to round Brooks. Tawn is on deck working on getting the staysail up. We already go the main up and reefed.

We are NOT sinking.

This shot was taken right at the point of the Brook Peninsula by m/v Andante. Proably about an hour or two after that first picture was taken.

We are almost around the point.

And finally, around the point and headed downhill. Tawn was up riding on the bowsprit (her favorite spot on the boat). This was were we saw the biggest seas and were actually doing 10 plus knots over the ground as we surfed down the waves.

Around the tip, Grundel here we come!

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Old man and the Sea

I’m not a very good fisherman. I’ll be the first…..make that second to admit that. Tawn is usually the firt to admit I suck at fishing. I like the idea of fishing, but never really have the patience for it. Truth be told, I don’t really know what I’m doing. What lure to use, how deep or shallow to put the stupid lure? Where to even be, and then what to do with the damn fish when you do catch it? All very confusing.

But since we’ve left Seattle, I’ve been fishing alot. And since I’ve been catching alot of fish, it makes going out the next day a little easier. We have also caught a crap load of Crab (Dungeness) and a fair amount of Prawns. But those are easy. Put some rotten something in a cage and drop it over board, then pick it up the next day, rinse and repeat.

Last week we (Me, Tawn and Kevin) were out fishing for Lingcod and Halibut and were having a blast catching a ton of fish. When we had a little snafu with a line getting snagged on the bottom and in the process of getting that untangled, I felt a small bite on my line. I pulled it up a bit and had fish on the hook. It did not feel very big, so I was just sorta reeling it in slowly when BAM!, there was a big giant pull on the line and now what ever I was pulling up felt a lot bigger….A LOT bigger.

As it neared the surface I could see the orangeish color of the fish. “Another cod” I thought, then looked closer and could see this huge Lingcod with the fish I caught in it’s mouth! I yelled to Kevin to grab the net. I think I said something like “net, nnnnn, nneeet, NET, NET NETNETNET, GRAB THE FUCKING NET”.

And we pulled this 21.6 pound (yes, I’m claiming that .6 of a pound) lingcod into the dinghy.

So many fish tacos!

When Kev started filming with his Ipad, I was still a little excited

If you’ve never seen a lingcod before, they are beast. Huge mouth full of sharp teeth. Not a very good picture of the mouth, but close enough.

Pre cleaning

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