Drone Footage from Mele Bay, Vanuatu.

Edited and uploaded some drone footage we took while we were anchored off Mele Beach in Vanuatu.

We are finally out of the boatyard and back in the water. Spent a few days on a mooring ball in Port Vila, restocking the boat and putting her back together.

We are gonna hang out here in Mele for a couple days, then start working our way north through Vanuatu’s islands on our way up to the Solomon Islands.

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2 Responses to Drone Footage from Mele Bay, Vanuatu.

  1. Beth says:

    Love this new crew member I think we will become very good friends. It is able to give a whole new perspective to your blog. LOVE IT!

  2. Beth says:

    Saw there was an earthquake in PNG – have not been able to connect with you but so hope you are ok and that the predicted tsunami does not occur. Wondering if you are alone in PNG not sure when CB was to fly out but hopefully you both are there together. If you can respond to this would so appreciate it – I will check in here daily just in case you respond. Also heard the crime rate is huge in PNG – an official said people just do not go out at night. Day time is fine but the mugging so and human trafficking is most dangerous at night. Love you!

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