Merry Xmas!

Where are we? What the hell have we been up to?

As it turns out….alot! This is mostly a picture post.

Spent a month or so surfing and hanging out in Nicaragua. Mostly in San Juan del Sur.

Yeah, these places actually exist. Our boat is furthest one to the left.

We spent a few days in a couple remote out of the anchorages too. And as we are known to do, we found a great bar to hangout in after some jungle hiking.


After leaving San Juan del Sur, Nicaruagua. We headed into Costa Rica. Our first stop was Bahia Selena to do some kiteboarding. Correction…..try to do some kiteboarding. It’s tricky buisness, but we are slowly getting the hang of it.



We also did some more jungle hiking. And as I”m sure you all would agree, one never swims in jungle pools without beer and a machete.


Our buddy Danno was coming down to visit and we still had not clear into the country so we decided to bust a move down to Playa del Coco to get official and pick up Danno.

Before that though we made a few stops along the way. One was to catch up with some cruising friends that were anchored in an achorage on the way to Cocos. I wrote a blog post about it a few weeks ago.

We also stopped and did a little more exploring at an anchorage called Huevos.

I love sea caves!

Danno got here the day before Thanksgiving. Eric and Ali, showed up 5 days later. So the boat was a little crowded, but not too bad. We had an absolute blast with Eric, Ali and Danno all here. Alot of just hanging out doing nothing. Some poor attempts at fishing. A little scuba diving and hiking to awesome waterfalls.


Bad ass rent-a-cars

Little known fact. Danno is a hobby botanist. He was able to, without any doubt, tell us that the plant he is eating in the picture below was….and I quote “Definitely NOT fucking sugar cane”.

Why he thought a giant weed growing in a ditch would be sugar cane I cannot tell you. He’s the botanist, not I.

We also violated every single rule mentioned in the rental agreement. How we got that car up that 4wd rode to the top of the volcano is anyone’s guess.

After dan left and we had the car for one more day so we decided to make the most of it so we went and did some zip lining. FUN AS HELL!

I could not decide which zip lining pic to put up. They are all cool, but this one sums them all up.

GO Tawn!!

Fancy dinner with Tawn and Ali after zip lining.

And Eric.

We spent Ali’s b-day in a little cove and had a beach bonfire for Ali, then headed to Tamarindo.

Rented some ATV and rode them a beach. That too was fun as hell.



After Eric and Ali left me and Tawn hungout in Tamarindo for a few more days and did some surfing. Tawn bought a new (to her) surfboard.

Now we each have one and don’t have to share!!

We’ve been bouncing down the coast stopping different places and hiking, surfing, chasing water falls….whatever.



And on one occasion, there was no surf, so we took turns towing each other and friends behind the dinghy on my surfboard.


I have no witty way to end this post……feels awkward.

Oh I know! How ’bout some sweet ATV beach action?

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  2. Poppa Millah says:

    Awesome, happy new years!

    Amazing you got Eric on the other side of the lens.

    You know what would be cool? I video of your scuba diving adventures….

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