Oh holy shit, these are awesome!!

If I had a bigger boat or room to hang one on a bulkhead, I would buy one of these today. These guys (Below the Boat) make laser cut bathymetric charts, which are underwater topographical maps. And they look freakin AWESOME!!

I might just take down the TV and hang the San Juan islands one in it’s place.

[Credit image www.belowtheboat.com for the picture]

Maybe I could cutout a space in the salon table and drop it in there with a glass cover over it??

I seriously cannot stop looking at these things.

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One Response to Oh holy shit, these are awesome!!

  1. Tiernan Roe says:

    Hi There,
    If you’re looking for a table check out these hand cut topographical maps from Bobby Nash in Kinsale, Ireland. http://www.latitiudekinsale.com
    He ships worldwide and can do any Admiralty chart for any region in the world. Right down to the smallest bay. He’s a nice guy too.
    All the best,

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