Open to suggestions

Contrary to how it may seem, I actually do like to update this blog. But most the time, I don’t really know what to write about.

So, I thought I would put up a request to anyone that reads this blog, send me some ideas on what you would want to hear about our trip that we have not covered already.

Add it to the comments or send an email or lemme know on Facebook.

Palarran BHM

Yeah, that is us. Bad Ass right? :)

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2 Responses to Open to suggestions

  1. Anne Clement says:

    CB and Tawn, Christy’s mom here…we have good friends whose daughter lives in Nicaragua–right on the Pacific. It’s in an upscale ex-pat development called Rancho Santana (near Tola, I think)–her husband is a surfer and they both work for the developer; just built a house there overlooking the ocean. Maybe you can stop in for a drink ;-)
    Anne Clement

  2. Poppa Millah says:

    Food – how is it? Where are the hottest (strangest) dishes and videos of you eating those dishes vs. Tawn. How do you figure out where to go (maps, etc)? Provisioning in foreign countries? Moonshine, find it – drink it – post the results. Stories about people on boats you thought should/could never make it – how did they do it and how much longer do you give it. Enter yourself in a cock fighting competition – you in a chicken suit vs a real rooster with spurs. Put your next destination up for a vote. Just a couple of spit-ball ideas.

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