These are a few of our favorite things…

Since we have left Seattle, we have been on the move. We always had something to look forward to or somewhere to be at a certain time. We wondered if this would ever change…we have finally realized the feeling of “manana”. We have been in the Bay of Banderas since the end of Dec. We have no need to be anywhere or do anything. We stayed in La Cruz for a week and a half and finally broke the orbital pull of that town and made it all of 9 miles around the corner to Punta de Mita where we heard the surfing was good. We have not left since. We love Punta de Mita. The anchorage is wide open and the wind blows all day. The break is fairly good right now and a bomb surfing spot is only a 5 minute dinghy ride away. So here is how most of our days go lately. Wake up sometime around sunrise, which is usually 7:30 ish. Set the solar panels to the sun. Make coffee. Drink coffee…this could last several hours. Make breakfast around noon. Go surfing with beers and Clamato juice in the cooler. One of us surfs while the other lazes about in the dinghy anchored just outside the break. Go back to boat. Probably nap. Wake up for sunset and search out street tacos. Go back to boat and read until falling asleep. THIS DOES NOT SUCK. I have finally reached the point where I am able to accept that I have nothing better to do except live my life how I want to. CB is heading back to the states to make me some papers at the end of the month and I will be in a marina working on the boat down here…it equals out. When he gets back we will start heading south again and have meaning to our lives again…but for now we are certified surf bums! :-) Here are a few pictures of our favorite things right now.

Catching waves…

Beers on the beach after surfing in Punta de Mita…

SAYULITA!!!! We have taken the bus to this heavenly place several times and are planning another trip in a few days. You can rent a longboard for like $17 US dollars for the day.

Hanging out waiting for waves with other surfers. Everyone down here is so nice and puts up with our retarded attempts to catch a wave…also giving pro tips…both CB and I have caught waves and rode them in now…we gave ourselves the official title of “Surfers”.

And at the end of the day…the beautiful sunsets can not be beat. This is truly a beautiful country that everyone should try to experience at some point.

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3 Responses to These are a few of our favorite things…

  1. Jodi says:

    Excellent! Sounds like you’re getting in the groove and learning to truly cruise! We’ve had a similar epiphany lately and are finally enjoying the no schedule dream. Hope to catch some waves with you when we get to the mainland.
    ~Jodi and Darren

  2. bamboo says:

    Glad you have found you perfect place and wish you well as you find the next one. Love you guys!

  3. Jack says:

    An Old Sailor once said, “There’s nothing wrong in doing nothing”. I subscribe to his philosophy.

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