Who you calling a Polly-wog?

I’m not sure who keeps track of these things. There has to be an official list somewhere. But, as of 6:57pm Friday 13 March 2015 could someone in charge please add Tawnya L. Midkiff, Robbie F. Robertson, and Kevin (CB) L. Midkiff to the list of official ShellBacks!

For those of you who do not know all things archaic and nautical. A Pollywog is a lowly sort of human that has not crossed the equator on a boat. Once one of these pitiful creatures has somehow managed to accomplish this feat they are elevated to Shellback status.

I’m not entirely sure what sort of benefits come with this, but at a bare minimum I should get 10% off (or at least free refills) at Long John Silvers for the rest of my life. Soooooo…..suck it landlubbers!

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