//WL2K That last blog post was bullshit….

Last night was such a nice warm night. 12-15 knots on the beam, with a nice mellow following sea. I was up on watch. Tawn was down below sleeping. The windvane was dialed in and the boat was sailing along perfectly. Stars everywhere, both the stationary (relatively) and shooting variety.

So I thought, “What a perfect time to write a blog post”.

I grabbed the laptop, fired it up, dimmed the screen. Tucked myself into a corner of the cockpit and started to type.

Usually when I write blog post I just start typing furiously. No real game plan or outline. I just let what comes out, come out. Then I go back and add stuff, and/or take stuff out….alot of stuff comes out (mostly commas, I’m not sure why, but I love to pepper those little bastards everywhere), and usually what I end up with is never very close to what I started out with.

Unfortunetly, I am suseptible to mal de mer (sea sickness). About 3/4 of the way through the post I started to get a little woozy and staring at that dim lit screen in the complete darkness of the cockpit did me in.

I “finished” typing, hit Save and shut down the laptop. With the plan to edit the post later when I felt better. One small problem, the app I was using, saves it to the outbox of my HAM radio email program.

An hour later, I fired up the radio to grab some weather and send a few emails, forgetting of course all about that half baked blog post, and the email was sent out and posted automagically to the blog. I guess it was not too bad, but looking back over it. It just seems……not ready.


One of the things I had planned to mention, but didn’t was that on the way to Turtle Bay we caught so much Yellow Fin tuna that Tawn will not let us fish anymore until we eat some of the tuna that is in the freezer. We have no more room.

At the time of writing this post, we are anchored in Bahia Santa Maria. Which, so far, is AWESOME!

The water is warm. 79 degrees. We went swimming as soon as the anchor was set the morning we got here. Been here two or three days, plan on staying another two or three.

Took the dinghy to shore after watching our friends on s/v Loukia totally eat shit attempting to land thier dinghy in the surf. For the record, we did not eat shit. USA 1 CANADA 0. :-)

We went surfing this morning and hitting it again tomorrow (there is a semi reasonable shore break here), Bocce ball (Thanks Hello World), and beach grill outs. Hikes out to a light house and a mountain peak. Went spear fishing yesterday and came back with a delicious dinner.

We’ve had a good times since leaving Washington working our way down the coast. But this anchorage finally feels like we are “Here”.

*****11 commas were removed in the editing of this post.*****

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