Yelapa, Mexico. It’s good.


Attention the rest of Mexico. You need to step it up. Seriously, Yelapa just took this shit to the next level!

I don’t often think about a place on land in a house I want to live. However, being one that believes in the mantra “never say never”(unless brussel sprouts are involved), if I were to live in a town there are a few requirments:

1: No roads. None big enough for cars to drive on anyway. 4-wheel ATVs are allowed encouraged.



2: The town has to be built on a fairly steep hill side on a water front. Ocean water front.


3: Donkeys. This requirement was just added after our visit here.


I imagine there are a number of places like this in the world. I have personally been to small handful of them. Refuge Cove in B.C. Canada. Some town I went to in Spain a long ass time ago. That crazy little town in that Robin Williams “Popeye” movie from the ’80s.

And now, Yelapa Mexico.

We had a blast in Yelapa. We chased waterfalls. I know, I know, we were not supposed to.


Shopped for Machetes. Ate one of the best breakfast’s I’ve ever had (I say this sort of thing alot.), but it was really good. Manchaca for the win!! Stepped in a lot of Donkey shit. This was not exactly so much fun, as it just sorta added to the experience. Swam under a waterfall after a hot ass hike.

The anchorage was a little rolly, but totally worth it. Didn’t even have to break out the dinghy, the water taxi would pick us up at the boat and drop us off at the “downtown pier”.


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5 Responses to Yelapa, Mexico. It’s good.

  1. Dan y Kelly says:

    Nice!, Looking forward to reading more as I sit here waiting to go back to the USA- see you both after we get back and head south

  2. Curtis Wood says:

    Glad to hear you are off the dock! We just returned from a week in PV.

  3. andy says:

    What’s that saying… A Palapa in Yelapa is better than a Condo in Redondo, and keep the boat in the bay too. (though that last bit doesn’t rhyme.)

  4. jim says:

    Wow, Yelapa is a hiding Gem. I spent time there in the early 1970s. Back before any tourist, the only way to get there was to catch a ponga in front of the Rosia hotel for 50 cents. I had friends that had a small farm on the hill side above the village. Incredible place for sure. Did you try any Ricia? Safe travels.

    • Bongo Bob says:

      Hi was there 1976 rented a hut of valentino nice guy it was on a hill over looking the beach, great time used to drink local moon shine $1 a bottle, mid day you could buy fantastic coconut cake on the beach. There was a Frenchman who opened the yacht club had no boats but cooked a good meal Happy times

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