Crazy train….

I wanted to get this post up and the pictures posted before we left the internet.

We wanted to haul the boat out of the water to clean the bottom and slap another coat or two of bottom paint on. It was one of the main things we wanted to get down while we where here in Panama City. The cheapest place to do that here is at the Balboa Yacht Club & Marina.

It worked, but you have to see it to believe it.

This picture was NOT taken in 1923. That is Tito and that is the winch he used to pull us out of the water.

These are the tracks we were pulled up on, and I believe those tracks were old as hell when that new fangled winch was installed.

There were some sketchy moments getting it all lined up and tied down properly. But we got it in and out of the water with minimal pants poopery.

I’ll just toss in a few more pictures and call it good. Enjoy.






I forgot to take pictures of the finished product, but Palarran now has a red bottom, instead of black.

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5 Responses to Crazy train….

  1. Beth says:

    Tom says his heart would not be able to withstand this type of hauling out

  2. Jane Robinson says:

    Thanks for the great pictures! Have a great sail, guys and take care!!!

  3. Lola Ulvog says:

    Happy birthday, Tawntastic! Miss you guys and am so happy for you both! Take care and safe travels! xoxoxox

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  5. Madge1992 says:

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