I suck at sewing.

Not sewing in general, but making the stitches go in a straight line. I need to get better, we have a few sewing projects we wanna do on Palarran. Plus, I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to make a pair of shorts out of our old sails. And before anyone says it, I am fully aware of just how uncomfortable those will be. But I don’t care how sweaty or chaffed mah balls get. I WILL make and wear those shorts dammit.

But, I digress.

In order to help me get better at sewing, I made a thing. Which is not really all that odd, I make a lot of things. There are a number of reasons I make a thing. One, the thing I need is for my boat and nobody else makes that particular thing. Two, I need a thing for my boat that someone makes but it looks easy enough to make and I’m sure I can make it for much cheaper than I can buy it…..Sometimes. Three, I think I can make something awesome and not afraid to waste time and money on doing trying it. Just ask Tawn or some of my asshole friends/shop mates about “The Robot”.

The particular thing I made this time is called a “Magnetic Sewing Guide” and can be bought from, among other places, Sailrite.com: Magnetic Sewing Guide It only cost around $30 bucks plus shipping. It looked like a very simple thing to make. And as you can see from the picture and description, it’s sole purpose is the help a person sew in a straight line. This puts me solidly in the second reason listed above on why I make something.

One night after work I stopped by my local hardware store and picked up two magnets. I got them for about $7 bucks. Here they are on Amazon: Master Magnetics #07216 1.425″d Round Base Magnet so you can get an idea what I’m talking about.

After a quick dig through the scrap wood pile in my shop I find the piece I need. (Look familiar Jason?):

Do a little measuring, cutting and trimming:

Slap it on the drill press:

Screw the magnets in place:

Tadaaaaa! The finished product:

I did a little bit of sanding on it as well. Usually, my “DIY/save money” projects end up taking me MUCH longer than expected and only end up saving a few bucks. But this one turned out pretty good. Total shop time was maybe 30-40 minutes, and cost was not quite $7 dollars.

Gratuitous almost action shot:

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3 Responses to I suck at sewing.

  1. andy says:

    Does it work? Can you sew straight as an arrow? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. CB says:

    Works like a champ!

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