Clean hole.

The following picture is a “cleaned up” version of what the little cubby hole next to the Nav station used to look like.

I say “cleaned up” because I realize the pile of wiring does not really look all that clean. But 15 minutes before that picture was taken that space was stuffed with a huge selection of useful, not so useful and just plain odd stuff. There was an old Radar display, an SSB radio, two old VHF radios, a ridiculous number of hats; a bull horn (not a bullhorn), but an actual bull’s horn; a pair of Gortex socks, a spot light, a plastic tube thingy; it looks like it should be used for something important but I don’t know what…..the list goes on and on….and seriously on.

So after 6+ years of living on the boat and stuffing things in that little cubby hole, I decided to properly mount the SSB, our new stereo and VHF radio. Also left room for additional instruments, and a spot for some books and other things.

Here be the “almost” finished product.

I say “almost”, because I have a little fine tuning/finish work I wanna do. But as far as I’m concerned, this one is crossed off “THE LIST”.

Oh and most of the crap pulled out of there has moved to the port side of the boat in the little shelf in the aft cabin; along with all my tool bags. My apologies for any nightmares this may cause anyone that crashes in the aft cabin.

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3 Responses to Clean hole.

  1. Aaron says:

    Nice work! I’m sure you only have 2 or 3 projects left on the list now. Is that your SSB I see? Looks like a console for launching nukes.

  2. CB says:


    It’s not for launching nukes. I believe it was part of mission control from one of the moon missions back in the ’70s.

  3. Guqinz says:

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