Moving day!! (CB)

As much as I wanted to be the last boat off the dock we just couldn’t swing it. When we finally pulled away from the dock there were 6 other boats still there. Granted 4 of those boats were the ones that we NEVER see anyone on. But there was one other boat there that has liveaboards, and they moved on Monday night! Bastards!

Before we moved we helped the boat directly across from us move his boat. His engine was acting up and did not trust it completely, so Tawn and another neighbor jumped on his boat and helped with the lines and I followed in our dinghy to push or pull as needed if his engine decided to quit. It did’nt, but it’s good to get the Karma.

At any rate, we are safely tied up on E dock slip 40. It is a much nicer dock and there are alot of liveaboards on this dock. Which means lots of cookouts in the summer time and potlucks in the winter. Things like this never happen in neighborhoods on land…not anywhere i’ve lived before anyway. In the eight months we’ve been living on our boat. I know more nieghbors by name and have either borrowed or loaned tools, chatted on the docks with them or been over to their boat or had them over to ours for drinks and/or dinner. I’ve always made friends easily or had a lot of friends to hang out with. But never been this friendly or interacted this much with neighbors since I was a little kid growing up.
Life on a boat is good.

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Glad you got your home moved, sounds like fun with all the cookouts

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