Race to Blakley Rock and back. (CB)

Monday thru Friday, my alarm is set for the ungodly (to me) hour of 6:15am (ungh). It does not matter if I went to bed at 7pm the night before, when that alarm goes off that early in the morning it kills me. The only thing I hate more than getting up that early for work is being at work later than 4pm. So I’d rather get in and get it over with. Sorta like taking medicine. Just hold your nose and get it over with. Unless it’s Nyquil….maybe I’m odd, but I like the taste of that stuff.

Now, on the other hand, if i’ve set my alarm to go off early AM on a weekend for a sailing trip or a day on the mountain snowboarding. It would not matter if I had gone to bed at 3am and drunk as a skunk. I will pop out of bed, get dressed, grab all my gear, keys and wallet and be walking down the dock, hap, hap, happy as hell.

This is the scenerio that happened last saturday. I needed to be down on U dock at my friends boat “Gaucho” for a sailboat race. First one of the year for us. The forecast was calling for 10-20 knot winds, but the actual wind turned out to be much, much lighter. It stayed below 10 knots most of the day. I think we saw 12 knots once. We had a good time, and ended up getting 2nd in our class. I think. I have’nt heard what the official times were. This race was nowhere near as chaotic as the one I wrote about back in November.

The race was approx. 25 miles. Starting from in front of Shilshole Marina, heading south to Blakley Rock, then back north to a point just off the Tank farm (or so I call it) near edmonds and back south to the start/finish line in front of Shilshole. This map will show you the approximate race course.

After the race, I ended up going back to my boat and putting my altenator back on. I had removed it a week or two ago, because I thought it had failed. But after getting it tested and having it pass. I have concluded the issue has to be with the regulator. At least I hope this is the issue.

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