Racing post. (CB)

Well this post is not really a post about us taking our boat out for a sail. But it is my website and I’ve never been a big fan of following rules. So this post is about sailing on someone elses boat.

The weekend of October 14th & 15th is the PSSC, (Puget Sound Sailing Championships) which is a fairly large Regatta put on by the CYC (Corinthenian Yacht Club). Me and Tawn crew on our friend John’s boat “Gaucho” on the Wednesday nights races during the summer and any Fall/winter/spring regattas he signs up for. We did pretty good, we took Second place in our fleet.

We have the Grand Prix coming up in November which is an invitational race that is held by the SYC (Seattle Yacht Club) that Gaucho qualified for last year.

Saturday was a really light wind day and foggy. So we got a very late start to the races. Sunday was crappy and rainy, but the winds were blowing around 20 knots, which is perfect “Gaucho Winds”. So we did really well, which makes the long, cold, wet day on the rail worth it.

Sorry no pictures.

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