Sayulita, Mexico Trip 2010.

Holy CRAP! What an awesome trip. Really, that just about sums it up.

Last winter Tawn, our buddy Danno (D-Lo Baggins) and I flew down to Mexico to meet up with our friend Scot and Angie for a long weekend in a small town called Sayulita. It about 30 miles north from Puerto Vallarta. We had such a great time in the short three days we were there, we decided that we would come back again this year for a week or longer. I’m so glad we did.

This year, we rented the same “condo” we did last year. The crew this time (Left to right in the pic below) was Kristi, Phil, Danno, Me and Tawn:

You can find all the picture we took following this link.

We rented surfboards for the week. And spent the days getting up early and surfing for a couple hours:

Then siestas in the hammocks, haning on in the deck and enjoying the view:

Then more surfing. We also did alot of exploring, hiking, scuba diving, sailing, and a lot of drinking:

All in all, we had a great, great time. Time to start planning the next trip!

Oh and this is my favorite picture of Tawn:

She will probably hate it and make me take it down, so enjoy it while it last.

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