This is how we do.

Some of you may be wondering what happens when two people that, may or may not have a slight drinking problem, quit their jobs and sail off on their boat to far flung places that have really shitty, really expensive beer (I’m looking directly at you Canada). What happens? Since we are working with a limited amount of money, $50 dollar cases (yup!) of shit beer rarely make it on the shopping list. We may be crazy, but not crazy enough to do this completely sober.

So with the help of some of our equally crafty/creative friends, and by crafty/creative I of course mean alcoholic. But the fun, lovable sort of alcoholic. Not the greasy, urine soaked kind. We have a method of brewing very tasty beers on board…..and as soon as the rum runs out, I’m gonna have to figure out a way to build a small still (I am now looking directly at you Philthy, HI PHIL).

As proof, I give you the fruits of our first batch of boat brewed beer.


Bear Hole Brown Ale. We are anchored in Nimmo Bay, enjoying pint or two right now.


We actually brewed in a couple weeks ago in a place called Forward Bay. And bottled it 3 days later in Potts Lagoon.

As I mentioned in a previous post, we called it Bear Hole Brown because on the day we brewed it, we went for a hike and had to basically crawl through/past what could have only been described as a bear hole. No doubt a bear slept there.

Anyway…..mmmmmmm beer!

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9 Responses to This is how we do.

  1. Yu says:

    Bear Hole Brown, huh? Sounds appetizing ;)

  2. Luther says:

    yes…. Canada has totally shit beer….. I have been bitching about that very thing for 8 years. very impressed with your initiative to do something about it!

  3. Tricia says:

    I agree that beer in Canada is expensive. If you’re ever in Vancouver, I would be happy to introduce you to some fine Canadian brews. There are some really good smaller breweries in BC.

  4. MMHaynes says:

    What do you think of that Youtube penny vid now Tawn? One hour of training =) You kids are having fun and living life!

    • Keli says:

      that, let me inform you what did work. The text is definitely pretty powerful and this is probably why I am taking an effort in order to comment. I do not really make it a regular habit of doing that. 2nd, despite the fact that I can notice the leaps in logic you make, I am definitely not certain of just how you seem to unite the details which produce your final result. For now I shall yield to your point but trust in the foelrseabee future you actually link your facts better.

    • Aww I feel bad for the kid. But standing your ground will for sure get him to learn his lesson.My little cousin loves those Star War lego ships and they sure ain’t cheap..-= moneyhoneysf´s last blog .. =-.

    • · Chris should have known to stay away from the chicken at McDonald’s after the month we have had down here. It’s time for you to point out where the meds are then take the boat to the lake.Wait. That was #14 talking…

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  5. Ali says:

    Looks like a good batch!! Nice cup!! XOXO!

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