This post is for Tom.

He said he wanted more sailing videos… he gets more sailing videos…

This video was taken last weekend, we had sailed over to Poulsbo for the towns Viking fest……uh. Small town wierdness, who does’nt love that. But we did meet up with some friends of ours on their boat Hawkwind and had a good time and a few nightcaps.

This first video was taken on our way over on Saturday evening. Unfortunetly we were sailing west into the setting sun. So there is a bit of glare. But you get the idea. The wind was blowing about 22-25 knots gusting to 27 out of the south. Nice, sunny and warm. Enjoy:

And this second video was taken a couple days later on our way home. Actually, we had to wait about an hour for the tide to turn in our favor so we could get through Agate passage. Same south wind, just not as warm as it was on Saturday. Only blowing about 12-15 knots.

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