Weekend getaway

I know, I know. We are on a permanent vacation. But sometimes, you need a break from even that.

Tawn has been wanting to learn to Kite board for a few years and even took some basic lessons last year in Seattle. And about 6 months before we left a co-worker of mine sold us his kite boarding gear; A number of kites, boards and a harness. (did I use that semi colon correctly?)

As it just so happens, we are 30 miles from one of the premire kiteboarding spots on this planet. So we grabbed our packs and all the kiteboarding gear and took a bus over the La Ventana!

What an awesome town! Pretty much the entire town is geared towards kiteboarding or wind surfing.

Tawn found us a place to stay in town and before I go any further. I gotta give this place and it’s owners some serious praise. If you find yourself in La Ventana and looking for a place to stay, go to The DownWinder Inn (http://www.downwinderinn.com).


This is the out door shared kitchen area, Tawn is cooking up some awesome bfast burritos with chorizo y papas.

Super nice people that run/own the place and they have a couple trucks they will loan you while you stay there.

We drove around to the couple different places looking for training classes for Tawn and settled on a place called Baja Joes. The kiteboarding school there is called Elevation.

Needless to say, she had a blast and is totally hooked.

Geared up and ready to go. They give you a ride up wind and you kite downwind.

This one is for Tawn’s Mom. She made it back alive Beth! :)

I could not get any pictures of her out on the water. She was too far away and our zoom lens is not zoomy enough. But trust me when i say, one of the kites below is her:

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I just realized, my digital camera has become part of my memory.

I was sitting here thinking that I should do a better job of updating this site, and as I was trying to recall what we had done since the last time I updated, and drawing more than a couple of blanks.

I thought to myself, “hmmm, maybe I’ll look at the pictures on my camera”.

And then it hit me. Each weekend was sitting right there, in chronological order. Mostly out of focus or poorly framed, but there none the less. So instead of racking my brain trying to remember details from 2 or 3 weeks ago, I’ll fire up the camera and take a trip down memory lane.

The weekend after the last update, Me and Tawn sailed down to Quartermaster Harbor, which is on the south end of a Vashon Island. There was almost no wind so we ended up getting there a little later than we thought we would. We had brought our mountain bikes with us this time, so we went for a  bike ride after we had tied up at the docks. The sun was setting just as we got back.

We woke up the next morning to a little more wind and a nice sunny day. We sailed out of the harbor and headed a short distance away to a little town called Gig Harbor. It had been 5 years or so since we had last visited Gig Harbor. And that was on Thanksgiving on our little boat “Strange Crew”.

The wind was actually blowing pretty good, but as we got out of Quartermaster Harbor, we had to go against the tide. And while the wind was not blowing very hard, it was enough to push us along at 2 knots, however, the tide was running against us at 3 knots. The net result was us moving backwards at 1 knot. That was not very productive.

Gig Harbor is probably the most protected harbor in the entire Puget Sound. The entire anchorage is surrounded with the exception of a small opening on the southern side that requires a tight “S” curve to get in. It’s even tighter at low tide, which is when we just happened to come in at.

As usual, pictures just do not do it justice, but I’ll post them anyway to give you an idea of what it looks like. This is the entrance into Gig Harbor. The picture was taken about 100 yards from shore. As you can see, or not, it looks like there is no way in. The plan is to head straight ahead towards that little grey house in the center of the picture, then turn right towards that lighthouse on the right of the picture:

Once you get to about 20 feet from shore, you’ll see the entrance open up and it looks a little more inviting. The grey house is just out of the picture to the left and the lighthouse is just out of the picture to the right:

Since the tide was out, the depth in the entrance was very low, the depth meter showed we had about 4 feet of water under the keel. Tawn was on the bow keeping an eye out for rocks, just in case I got out of the channel. Once inside the depth increase to a respectable 15-20 feet. While Tawn was on the bow, she shot a quick little video of the entrance as we came through:

We headed home on Tuesday, unfortunatly there was not a puff of wind, so we had to motor the whole way home.

The next weekend is the cheesiest boating related weekend in Seattle. It’s called “Opening Day”, and it’s basically when the retards with the blue blazers and scramble egg “Captian” hats parade their boats up and down a piece of water called the Montlake Cut, to much pomp and crapenstance. It really is very stupid. I’ll not speak of it again.

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What have we been up to?

When we last heard from the crew, Tawn was doing some under water work on the boat. That was back in October. What the hell have be been up to since then? Lets see….

Tawn had to work on Thanksgiving this year…I however did not. So me and my buddy Dan drove up to Canada to Whistler/Blackcomb ski resort for 4 days or so of early season snowboarding.

We got a pretty late start out of town on Wednesday, the day before T-day. So we got a room in downtown Vancouver for the night. Roamed around downtown and sampled some of Vancouver’s finest beer….and rum…and scotch….and…….

Woke up close to 11 am turkey day and headed toward Whistler. Which in case you did not know is going to be the site of the 2010 Winter Olymipics! meh….whatever…the olympic suck. But, it is a very scenic hour drive from Vancouver to Whistler Village however.

We hungout for three days and snowboarded and of course participated in much apres ski. The snow was not exactly awesome but it was the first trip of the year, so you can’t really complain.

I can however complain about this:

That was the only picture taken on the whole trip. It’s seemed funny at the time. Now it’s creepy. That is my buddy Dan.

The following weekend me and tawn sailed the boat over to Blake Island. We had not been to the island for almost a year and due to some annoying mechanical issue, had not had the boat away from the dock in over two months.

We built a couple bon fires on the beach and did some hiking around the island. And the sail back home was sweet. Rainy and cold but fun.

There were a few more weekends snowboarding, then on Xmas. We had a bunch of our friends that were orphans and had no family to spend xmas with over to the boat. We all just hung out, watched movies and ate a crap load of turkey and noodles. It was a fun time.

The next big trip was in Feburary. Me, Tawn, Dan flew down to Sayulita Mexico to meet up with Scotty and Angie. We had rented a condo on the beach and spent 4-5 days hanging out, and learning…sorta…to surf. That was an awesome trip. We will be going back next winter.

After a few missed flights and a days detour down to San Diego to visit very quickly with Tawns Aunt Jane, Uncle Tom,  Aunt and Cousins Jilly & Brian and there kidsWe flew into Puerto Vallarta, then grabbed a cab to Sayulita. I was the last one to arrive. Tawn got on a flight 2 hours before I did. So by the time I got there, they were all waiting for me on the balcony. It got more than a little drunk out that night. Surfing the next day was a bit rough, but fun as hell. The water was like 78 degrees. Much, much warmer than it is back home in Seattle, even in the middle of the summer.

Unfortunatly as we were packing for the trip down, I decided that the batteries on the camara were charged up enough. They however were not.  So the only pictures we have are the few that Scotty took.

The first part of March found us back up in Whistler BC for another Snowboarding weekend with Danno, his brother Reid and a couple of his buddies from Tennessee.

Which brings us up to date. Boring quick and not too many laughs….I must be losing my touch. I’ll try better next time.


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This post is for Tom.

He said he wanted more sailing videos…..so he gets more sailing videos…

This video was taken last weekend, we had sailed over to Poulsbo for the towns Viking fest……uh. Small town wierdness, who does’nt love that. But we did meet up with some friends of ours on their boat Hawkwind and had a good time and a few nightcaps.

This first video was taken on our way over on Saturday evening. Unfortunetly we were sailing west into the setting sun. So there is a bit of glare. But you get the idea. The wind was blowing about 22-25 knots gusting to 27 out of the south. Nice, sunny and warm. Enjoy:

And this second video was taken a couple days later on our way home. Actually, we had to wait about an hour for the tide to turn in our favor so we could get through Agate passage. Same south wind, just not as warm as it was on Saturday. Only blowing about 12-15 knots.

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