Weekend getaway

I know, I know. We are on a permanent vacation. But sometimes, you need a break from even that.

Tawn has been wanting to learn to Kite board for a few years and even took some basic lessons last year in Seattle. And about 6 months before we left a co-worker of mine sold us his kite boarding gear; A number of kites, boards and a harness. (did I use that semi colon correctly?)

As it just so happens, we are 30 miles from one of the premire kiteboarding spots on this planet. So we grabbed our packs and all the kiteboarding gear and took a bus over the La Ventana!

What an awesome town! Pretty much the entire town is geared towards kiteboarding or wind surfing.

Tawn found us a place to stay in town and before I go any further. I gotta give this place and it’s owners some serious praise. If you find yourself in La Ventana and looking for a place to stay, go to The DownWinder Inn (http://www.downwinderinn.com).


This is the out door shared kitchen area, Tawn is cooking up some awesome bfast burritos with chorizo y papas.

Super nice people that run/own the place and they have a couple trucks they will loan you while you stay there.

We drove around to the couple different places looking for training classes for Tawn and settled on a place called Baja Joes. The kiteboarding school there is called Elevation.

Needless to say, she had a blast and is totally hooked.

Geared up and ready to go. They give you a ride up wind and you kite downwind.

This one is for Tawn’s Mom. She made it back alive Beth! :)

I could not get any pictures of her out on the water. She was too far away and our zoom lens is not zoomy enough. But trust me when i say, one of the kites below is her:

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2 Responses to Weekend getaway

  1. Melissa Alexander says:

    *grin* Rather than a semicolon, you should have used either a colon or an em dash (a long dash). Semicolons separate two complete sentences. This is my cat; he loves to climb.

    Love the pics and the blog. I hope to follow in your cruising footsteps in a few years!

    • Beth Germeraad says:

      Hmmm-wind, speed, height and water. Well of course Tawn would find this sport thrilling-these are the components for life-we all know that.

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