Wow! What a summer!

Summer time is obviously not the best time for me to be updating websites. Not with weather like we’ve had this year.

My last update was back in May. It is now, somehow September and we are planning for our big trip to South America next month. But more on that in a bit.

Normally we take a 2 week or longer cruise on the boat and go north to the San Juans or Canada, during July/August. This year however, we did not. We wanted to be able to take as much time as we could on our trip to Chile this fall. So we limited our sailing trips to just weekend outings. And trust me, we had some doozies.

We had some great, trips this year. Hit all the usual spots and a few new ones. The weather out here has been spactacular this year. Super warm and really good wind for sailing. We spent the 4th of July rafted up with a great bunch of friends in Poulsbo for the fireworks, and Laborday with the same group rafted up in Port Gamble Bay. And tons of anchorages and weekends in between, up and down the Puget Sound. There are more than a few pictures up on various “friends” facebook pages to tell the story of my 42nd b-day, and laborday, and other random weekends in between……up and down the Puget Sound. Yeeeeesh!

I don’t think i’ll go into the details of each trip. I’d be typing for days. I did however want to get this post started and the webpage in general updated.

As I mentioned earlier, our big trip this year is three weeks down in South America. Chile, to be more specific. And to all you non boat people reading this. We are NOT taking the boat down. We are flying.

Leaving here on October 11th and flying into Atlanta, then on to Santiago, Chile. From there we are taking a bus down to Puerto Montt, which is about 700miles further south. There we will rent a car and see the sights. Other than that and the fact that we have to be back in Santiago to catch a plane home on November 4th. We do not have any plans or intenerary. No reservations, no schedule, no checked luggage to carry around, no nothing.

We do have a small back pack each with a couple changes of clothes, a guide book, a brand new camera and 3 weeks to see as much as we can. I or Tawn will be updating this site and our facebook pages as often as we can when I can find a free Wifi hotspot.

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