Oops, been awhile since I posted anything. (CB)

Ok, snowboarding season is over. Good thing too, since I sorta tweaked my left knee a little bit the last time we went up. The upside of this for you, the readers of this lame little website is you no longer have to watch stupid video of me or Tawn snowboarding like this anymore:

The downside, you now have to look at picture of me and tawn doing boating stuff.

Let’s see, what have we been up to since that last video was taken? Hrmmm, lets see. I think that video was taken up at Crystal Mountain around the first of March. So that would mean that the weekend or two after that would have been the 8th annual St. Paddy’s Day Pub Crawl/Death March.

That if the name does’nt clue you in, is an annual event that takes place on….St. Paddy’s day. Where starting at 10am we hit one bar an hour for 12 hours on a planned out walking route through downtown Seattle. It is hell on earth but fun as hell!! :)

I took a look through the pictures from this night…..Not alot worth posting in there. :) But there was this one, that I really like:

Tawn & CB riding the S.L.U.T

This was taken about 3/4 of the way through the crawl. Apparent by the fact that Tawn is swinging from the hand rails on the S.L.U.T. (South Lake Union Trolley). And sadly the odd folks in the background are friends of ours. Not so much Ti & Luke, but I’m not sure what the hell Eric is up to back there??

Other than that, we took a few weekend boat trips….hang on a sec and let me see if I can dig up a picture or two…………

Ahh here we go. Later in March we took off at night right after work and sailed over to Blake Island and met up with our very good friends Scott and Angie on Ghost as well as a few other friends. I’ve written about Blake Island before. It is a small island which the entire thing is a State Park. The only way to get there, obviously is by boat. So it is very chill and relaxed and rustic, even though it is only 8 miles from Downtown Seattle:

Seattle Skyline at night

We took a few other trips, but to be honest, nothing very exciting or noteworth. And what few pictures we did take, are sort crappy.

Oh and I almost forgot. As if we did’nt have enough boats or spend too much time sailing, we bought a little 10 foot sailing dinghy. Mostly for goofing around on in and around the marina, check it out:

New Dink

That last picture is mostly for Tawn’s dad, so he can get an idea of what the boat looks like.

Other than a few scuba diving trips, and unfortunatly work, that is about all we have been up to. I’ll try to update the site more often.

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  1. carolyn says:

    all right about time you updated.
    I like tawn hanging there, and that guy in the back looks retarded.:)
    cool dinghy.
    keep having fun
    love mom

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