Shitters fixed. Lets go sailing! (CB)

I’ll spare you the details of our head (toilet) repair. Just know that it is now fixed and working as it should, things go in….and stay in! Yeeaaahh!

So to celebrate we decided to get away from the dock and go for a sail. Not a big trip, just a quick trip north to Kingston. We had’nt been up there in close to a year, and it is only about 10 miles away. But since we are in the Puget Sound that ended up taking us 3+ hours. We did’nt want to turn on the engine at all, but the wind absolutly died and we had no other choice.

We were going to anchor out, but the word it that the holding in Apple Tree Cove is not so good and it very exposed. Plus the fact that we did not tow the dinghy with us, helped us make the decision that we would just go into the marina and grab a slip.

Took a quick walk into town and grabbed a burger and a beer or two at a bar called “The Filling Station”. The food was actually really good. We had never gone into this place before, for what ever reason.

We got up late the next morning hoping we would get a downwind run with the Spinnacker home, but the wind had shifted over night and was now blowing out of the southeast….Shilshole marina is exactly southeast of Kingston……Grrrr. Oh well, still had a good sail home, only had to tack 4 times. The winds were really light though.

Map there and back.

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