Snowboarding at Stevens Pass on the last day of 2007 (CB)

If watching blurry, poor quality video about people snowboarding is something you enjoy. Then today is your lucky day.

I know last time I posted a video, I said that the next one would be of better quality. But the sun, wind and glare off the snow all conspired against me. I even considered not posting the videos, but what the hell. At least my mom will like them. :)

This one is of Tawn, it was take on the last day of 2007. The weather was nice, a little to nice. The sun was so bright the glare made the video turn out weird looking. It actually looks like those old timey videos. I feel like Warren Miller should be make some smart ass remark as we ride past the camera:

And this one is of me. Same deal as the others, odd glare, but you can see what we did on the last day of 2007:

As I said, the quality is crap, I need to work on that.

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