Stupid things me and Tawn do to make each other laugh

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Me and Tawn both have a pretty healthy, albeit sophmoric senses of humor. One of the running gags we have is to buy odd things we see at stores that we know would crack the other one up. Then bring it home and act like it’s a special gift for the other. No flowers or cards on this boat.

It all started a couple years ago with this product. I saw it on some website and just had to buy it. I have absolutly no use for it, but damn, it cracks us up:

Bag Seasoner

Over the years there have been a number of products. A small jar of Vegimite (I think we still have that nasty little thing somewhere), stinky cheeses, insanely hot bottles of hot sauce with funny ass names, and a 2 gallon jug of yellow mustard, just to name a few.

But then a couple months ago Tawn brings this home:

CB's Nuts

I’m tellin ya, there is nothing funnier than offering your friends a big handfull of nuts, when they have your name on it….Or is that just me?

Then just the other night she brings this home. What the hell could this actually be? We are both afraid to open it. No way it could be edible. It sounds British for some reason. Not sure why:

Spotted What??

WTF??? Look at those nasty little black spots? I can’t quite figure this thing out. On the plus side, it is microwavable.

Oh and P.S. Never eat frozen peas at Scotty and Angie’s. :)

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